Tianbao Premium Cordyceps

Balances the “yin” and “yang” bodily function.

Fights colds and coughs and improves vitality.

Tianbao Premium Cordyceps 

Origin: Tibet’s Naqu

Efficacy: Balances the “yin” and “yang” bodily function. Fights colds and coughs and improves vitality.

What is Cordyceps Sinensis?


Cordyceps Sinensis, or commonly known as Cordyceps (Dong Cong Xia Cao) is a fungus that grows in the high altitudes of the Tibet, Nepaland parts of China. Cordycepssinensis thrives in the cold grassy mountains at about 3,800 meters above sea level. It belongs to the fungi family of Ascomycotina. While there are over 680 species in the Cordyceps Genus, only Cordyceps Sinensis species has amazing medicinal value.

In the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Cordyceps has been used for purported benefits to the heart, lungs, immune system, for its energy-boosting effects, stamina and for anti-aging purposes.

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How to consume?

1. Drink as tea Place cordyceps (one or two pieces) in warm water. Soak it for overnight and drink the solution next morning. Eat the soaked cordyceps as well.

2. Double-boil Double-boil cordyceps with chicken, pork or beef and serve as a soup. Drink the soup and eat the meat and cordyceps. You may add other nourishing tonics, such as, ginseng, wolfberry (Gou Qi Zi), Chinese Angelica (Dang Gui), etc.

3. Grind into powder Grind the cordyceps into powder and capsulize it for convenient daily use. Sinchong provides capsulizing service, just check in-store.

Advantages of Tianbao Premium Cordyceps

Sinchong is the sole distributor of Tianbao Premium Cordyceps in Singapore. Tianbao is a prestige brand for cordyceps from Naqu of Tibet, the cradle of premium quality cordyceps. Each piece of Tianbao Premium Cordyceps has the fragrance of straw mushrooms with a rich and fishy smell. The body is like a silkworm, light yellowish-brown in color, neat and consist eight pairs of legs in which the four middle ones being predominant. The mushroom, or stroma, is intact with the body, slightly twisted, short and like a dry branch in darker color.

1. Sourced from the origin:

Naqu of Tibet: the cradle of premium-quality Cordyceps. Tibetan Cordyceps is the most sought after and recognized as the best Cordyceps in the world.

2. Accurately graded:

Tianbao graded their premium Cordyceps according to their sizes. This allows consumers to distinguish quality by the number of pieces per kilogram.

3. Processed by GMP-certified factory:

Tianbao Premium Cordyceps is processed by a GMP-certified plant to ensure excellent quality.